My Healing Service

We’re all healers whether we go along with it or not. I choose to go along with it, especially in these trying and exciting times when everyone could use a dose of healing touch. As I have been blessed and prayed over by numerous beings who came through many forms, let me be yours now. I’m just a conduit of healing light. Source flows through me and the rest is up to Creator. There’s nothing to it. You can do it as well.

I use the following modalities & tools, though not limited by any one particular. Spirit decides what is best:

  • Mushaba Force
  • Archangels, particularly Michael & the all-time healer Raphael
  • Mine & your Higher Selves
  • Adama from Telos
  • Magnified Healing
  • Crystals

The healing is meant for all levels – physical, mental, emotional, ascension symptoms, Lightworker fatigue syndrome (I just coined that knowing how we Lightworkers are at the forefront taking in all the arrows on the battlefield), financial and my favourite – indigos and crystal kids and whatever other areas in which I can be of service.

I’m doing this for free. However in all healing, there is an energy exchange. I ask that you give this back by blessing someone in like manner – smile, make someone a cup of coffee, pray over another, hug a tree, love that colleague you’re not particularly fond of, blow a kiss to Mother Earth, send an avalanche of gratitude  to your mother-in-law or whatever…….. But it’s important to do this consciously setting the intent that this is in exchange for the healing you’ve received.

And please, please send me feedback via the Comments below on any positive shifts in your situation as a result.

If you require healing or prayer, fill in form below.

Keep the following in mind please.

  • Keep your request short and simple, reporting in an objective way. I don’t need the drama-trauma of it all. Neither do you, really!
  • Indicate category
  • Indicate if this meant for you or for someone else
  • In all healing, set a clear intention when submitting and add “FOR EVERYONE’S HIGHEST GOOD”



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