This blog is about my path. The path of Ascension. It is simply a sharing of all things Ascension. A potpourri of sorts, if you may. It carries within elements of what has worked and is resonating within my deep inner recesses. The journey has been long for most of us and is meandering to another form as we transcend into 5-Dimension beingness.

My periodic ramblings along with posts from other light bloggers who are assisting me in my growth will be the main course.

Then comes my healing service. Recently, I have been prodded and finally pushed into taking my healing role seriously. Working with Archangel Raphael, in particular, I am offering my free healing service. Allow me to be a part of your restoration and well-being. If you are reading these words and are drawn to request a healing, then I’m sure somewhere in the past, you’ve been my healer.

The Mushaba Force of Freedom & Empowerment is now dawning. My awakening catapulted in ways that defy gravity once I stepped into the Mushaba Force portal. The world is now ready for this beginning of beginnings power. I offer this to you. Accept this if you may. If you are part of the Mushaba family, then there’s no running away. Sorry!

So much is being said about 2012 and Ascension. Where does one even begin? As Lightworkers, how do we lovingly share the essence of the ins and outs of this phenomena? The masses will soon be reeling from all the changes ahead. What do we say to them? All About Ascension aims to give a starting point, though I suspect there is no one or right way to commence. Still, I’m hoping to distill some complex, unfathomable information into its simpler counterparts.

Links are about the books, movies, websites and resources that have shaped my spirituality somewhat.

And the Morning Glory? Made-in-my garden beauty transported and transplanted from my neighbouring country years ago while on holiday. A flora that unravels into full bloom only for the morning in full solar exposure. The glory of our morning. Mother Earth in full splendour and glory. It’s time. What a ride!

Enough said. Welcome to my blog.


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