Just Be 2012

A couple of months ago, I was reminded by a benevolent Being of Light that there was nothing for me to do really. For I was anxious to be shown of another technique, modality or way to go about my Ascension. What was next? What of the meditation I did that morning? Where was I in the vibrational scale? If there was such a scale, you can be sure I’d be standing on it, right next to my bathroom scale.


His words had a melodic ring to it. Not exactly thrilling at that time. I wanted to be told more. My ego was crying for more assurance and exultation.It took the following weeks and month for this to become manna for the soul.

Now it is my mantra. It is a favourite when it comes to transmuting those hard, old stubborn thought forms back to Source or when the road becomes dark and dinghy. My cells love this new concept I’m living by. Tired of all the doingness, beingness is our natural state of affairs. Never mind that the mind chatter has been in the complaint department almost every day.

These 2 words have a way of raising one’s vibration significantly. Keep at this and soon one will be in a state of bliss, never mind the madness and crazies.

Thank you Archangel Michael for these timely and profound words.They have the power to release me to BE who I truly AM.


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